Before you book your hotel, consider an Overnight boat charter in Phuket!!

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Getting the most from your Overnight boat charter in Phuket

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going on a boat charter is great fun and something I always recommend to everyone I talk to. Its a great way to see the surrounding islands and coasts of Phuket without having to be in the crowds.

Overnight Charter
Promthep Cape at Sunset

What a lot of people dont realise is that the Overnight or  Extended charters offer so much more chance to really explore and really get away from it all.

There is nothing like enjoying a great days sailing, mooring up and watching the sunset, having a great meal and relaxing with some drinks and good company before going to sleep on the boat. Waking up in the morning to find your the only boat at the island, no one around you and having what feels like the entire ocean to yourself is an unforgettable experience. The silence and tranquility first thing in the morning is the best way to see in the day with a coffee and a nice breakfast. Go for a swim and a snorkel in the blue waters and with only you around you will soon be surrounded by fish.

You can then head onto the next destination and arrive before the other tourists even set out and enjoy the sights in peace and quiet!
One of my favorite things about staying on board a sailing yacht or motor boat here in Phuket is just how quiet and relaxing it is, the motion of the waves rocking you gently and the amount of stars that you see in the evening - the night sky is so clear you can see galaxies!

I often sleep outside on the deck of the boat, the nights are warm and I just seem to forget all my worries when I am out under the night sky falling asleep. Waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise with a good cup of coffee and maybe an early morning swim before anyone else is around is a fantastic way to start the day and one I would recommend to everyone - you have to experience it at least once in a lifetime!

The Night begins

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