Drone Use in Thailand – The Rules and Regulations

Thailands No Drone Rules
Use of Drones In Thailand
"Can I bring and use my drone in Thailand" I hear you ask...
Thailand is a gorgeous country with much on offer, from the rice fields of the Issan in the North East, the mountains of Chang Mai and the many islands of the South of Thailand around Phuket,. Phi Phi and Krabi the views and scenery are amazing. With modern technology advancing as quickly as it does a lot of visitors already have drones and would love to take their own unique footage of the country and its natural beauty.     Unfortunately the regulations surrounding the use of Drones in Thailand has not yet caught up with their popularity and use by people - so it is a little more complicated than just arriving in Thailand with your drone and exploring and taking movies and photos.     While we understand that many of you want to use your drones to take amazing photos and video of the Private Yachts we charter and the stunning views of the islands we explore we can not allow you to use them on board
Thailands No Drone Rules
Use of Drones In Thailand
Here is a quick overview of the rules currently but please feel free to visit this link to get more information - https://drone-traveller.com/drone-laws-thailand/  
  1. The drone needs to be approved by the NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) to transmit wirelessly before entering Thailand, or must be purchase in Thailand from an authorized reseller.
    • So do NOT to bring drones into Thailand ..... it could get confiscated, and you could they be fined and/or jailed - Even at the airport when they arrive.
  2. The drone must have a license from the CAAT (Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand).
    • This is for EACH drone, if there is more than one, must have a separate license.
    • It can take up to a year to get the license (which requires insurance).
  3. You must have drone insurance for the specific drone being used.
    • Each drone, if there is more than one, must have insurance.
    • Also EACH drone must have insurance before it can be licensed by the CAAT -  www.caat.or.th/uav/
No Drones in Thailand

So can we buy drones in Thailand?

Yes there are a number of places where you will be able to purchase drones here in Thailand, from registered stores in large Shopping Malls to the small local markets stalls. A wide range of Drone types, brands and sizes as well as costs are available to you, plus if you are in the markets or smaller shops you can negotiate the price!   Dont forget though you will still need to get the license to legally operate them here in Thailand!
No Drones in Thailand
Do you supply drones on our charter yachts?
Currently we do not have a service to offer Drones for client usage per boat but we are looking into the licensing and sourcing of the drones to enable you to get awesome video and photographs of your holiday yacht charter with us - we will keep you updated as we get more information!   We have a number of types of boats in our fleet and are constantly updating and expanding our services and yacht selection to offer you the best choice.