Sunset Yacht Rentals and Charters explained

Saling during a Sunset with Epic Charters Phuket
Sunset Yacht Charters in Phuket by Epic Charters

Where can I go on a Sunset Yacht Rental or Motor Boat Charter

General guidelines are that the Sunset Cruises are about 3 - 4 hours long and we will need to have the yacht back in the Marina or at the pier for your to disembark before its dark. So normally the cruise ends between 6.30 and 7pm and starts at approximately 4pm giving you about 3 to 4 hours on board. We try to be as flexible as possible fo you - so  Contact Us on WhatsApp or on Messenger  

“So what about Sunset Trips, what can I do and where can I go” 

"So what about Sunset Trips, what can I do and where can I go" 

A Sunset Charter or Yacht Rental is exactly what it sounds like, you are renting a boat in Phuket for about 3 - 4 Hrs to enjoy the Sunset on the water. The vast majority of people looking to rent a boat here in Phuket are after the experience of watching the sun go down while enjoying cruising on a yacht. Its an amazing experience and one to share with loved ones and families.

The Sunset Rentals are normally cheaper as they do not go as far, use less fuel and a lot of the time don't include as much as a Full Day Charter would. You will normally get light snacks, fresh fruit and a selection of soft drinks included. Some yachts will also offer alcohol either included or as an additional item you can purchase.

As to where they cruise it will depend on where the yacht is located or based from

Yachts based in Ao Po/ Royal Phuket Marina or Boat Lagoon on the east coast of Phuket will generally either go up into Phang Nga Bay or cruise down to Koh Khai Islands for some beach time and snorkelling before heading back while enjoying the sunset.

Yachts based Chalong to the South of Phuket will generally offer the more local islands of Koh Maithon with their lovely pod of dolphins, Coral Island with its nice sandy beaches or some of the more local islands of Phuket and Nai Harn which offers the best view of the Sunset.

Phi Phi is generally not offered as a Sunset Cruise destination as it can take about 1.5 hours to get there and the same to get back, this means you won't have any time to spend at the destination!

Beach Sunset during a Sunset Island Hopping Trip
Sunset Cruises in Phuket by Epic Charters
Power Catamaran doing a Sunset Island Hopping Trip
Sunset Cruises in Phuket by Epic Charters

Plan your Sunset Yacht Charter

Think about what you are looking to do that day after the trip, will you be going back to the hotel or straight out and partying?

With the yacht getting back in generally about 7pm, you will have a choice of either being taken back to your hotel so you can shower, change and have something to eat or we can arrange our driver to take you straight from the marina, and take you to a restaurant or to Patong where you will be able to go drinking and dancing - the choice is yours.

Remember though that you will have been swimming and enjoying the ocean, snorkeling and jumping off the boat, having fun on the beaches - so you might not be as full of energy as you think, you might just want to pop back home and shower and change before heading out. Either choice is not a problem and we can fit around your plan!

Sunset Charters
Sunset from the yacht
Sunset from the yacht
Palm trees and Sunsets on Phuket Island
Sunset from the beach during an Epic Charters Yacht Rental

“Can we organize a DJ or a Free Bar during the yacht rental?”

We can organize pretty much whatever you are looking for, of course, some things will cost extra and it will depend on the boat you are renting. Here are a few ideas for you:
  • Is there a Free Bar for your guests? - We can pre-order a selection of spirits and beers for you and make sure they are all chilled for your arrival. Just have a chat with us and we can give you a quote.
  • Will you provide a BarTender? - Generally, the yachts don't come with Bar Tenders, they are more of a self-service type affair or the staff will get drinks for you on request. However we do have some excellent Freelance Bar Tenders available for your Charter, they will mix cocktails, serve drinks and generally look after you. Again ask us for a quote and we can give you a few options.
  • Do you provide Music or a DJ? - The majority of all our yacht charter fleet does have a stereo system that allows you to either plugin or use Bluetooth to link your phone/ I Pad to play your music. So all you need to do is pre-mix a soundtrack or use Spotify etc and you will be able to play it through the system. There are freelance DJ's available to us and they will bring their own equipment and music - we would need to check on the availability for them and also that the yacht is able to accommodate their systems. They start at approximately 30,000 THB but can be more depending on the DJ
  • What food do you have during the Sunset Trip? - Again it is yacht based as not all yachts offer the same inclusive or services. In general, it would be light snacks and fresh fruit. We can organize buffets, evening meals and more on request, so have a chat with us and we can give you a personalized quotation.
  • Can we stay later than 7pm? - This is possible but it is based on the yacht, the tides and weather etc and you would also need to consider that there may be an additional charge for the extra time. Again let us know and we can discuss it.

Why Sunset Yacht Charters in Phukt are great

There is so much to see and do in Phuket, that I am sure you will already have booked trips and excursions. However one of the best things to experience is being out on the water, with your friends and families enjoying a Private Yacht.

A Sunset Yacht Rental gives you the chance to be able to do this at an affordable cost, have a wonderful time onboard with friends and really get to see and experience some of the best views available. Added to that you get to go swimming, snorkeling, can have a nice meal on board and generally relax and be pampered, what else could you ask for?

Contact us now to plan your own personal Sunset Charter and we will be happy to help you find the best value yachts and services available for your holiday here in Phuket.