SPECIAL OFFERS starting from 20,000 THB

A Limited Time Offer - Phuket is starting to open up and we can now get out and explore the islands and beaches, we would like to offer you the chance to enjoy a Private Yacht Charter on the 40ft Luxury Power Boat for a day. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming and the beaches of the best Island Hopping Destinations around Phuket.

This is an amazing chance to enjoy an Island Hopping charter for a Day Trip, to one of the lovely and famous destinations we have around Phuket - Phi Phi, Krabi, Phang Nga Bay or Racha Islands

The cost for this amazing day out cruising around the islands starts FROM ONLY 43,7500 THB (Normal Price is between 65 - 75,000 THB ) a HUGE discount and only available for a limited time!

We also have Day Charters to Local Islands starting FROM 30,000 THB, so take the chance to visit a selection of destinations including; deserted sandbars, snorkel at the famous Coral Island, visit Koh Khai and enjoy a boat trip out to some lovely beaches if you are on a smaller budget.

For full details contact us now!

Your Yacht Charter Your Way

Book with us to get the most from your holiday and yacht charter or rental. Epic Charters has over Fourteen Years of providing Charters on Sailing Yachts and Motor Boats, around local Islands of Phuket. Our Sailing Yacht Rentals, Motorboat Day Trips and Boat Charters are custom built around you. This means that we can give you the best yacht rental or motorboat for your group and budget. So whatever you are looking to spend on your Yacht Charter to do your Island Hopping in Phuket, I am sure we have a charter boat for you.

We know where to take you exploring to get the best of the lovely and famous Phi Phi, Krabi, Phang Nga Bay, Racha Islands, the islands and beaches of Phuket. So you have the opportunity to experience the once in a lifetime holiday memory. We have the ideal boat, destination and completely personalised package waiting for you.

Escape the crowds, explore hidden beaches and experience so much more than the normal Day Trips - join us for a fun and relaxing day aboard our yachts. Choose from a Day Trip, Boat Rental, Charter a Yacht Overnight or on an Extended Charter, and start your adventure now.

Phuket Beach
Visit Private beaches and enjoy a private yacht rental

Where in Phuket should we go on a Yacht Rental

Phuket is an ideal place to start your Yacht Charter and rent a boat for you and your family. With multiple destinations like Phi Phi, Racha Islands, Krabi, Phang Nga Bay and Island Hopping around the closer, more local islands of Phuket you have a wide choice of charter destinations available to you.

Activities in these destinations include snorkelling in clear blue waters, exploring hidden lagoons and caves, kayaking in mangroves and of course enjoying the lovely beaches and islands while cruising the island destinations of Phuket.

Each area offers different options for you. Phang Nga Bay, for example, offers excellent sightseeing, exploring lagoons and caves and escaping the crowds. Phi Phi while busier offers you the chance of lovely beaches, famous landmarks like Maya Bay and great snorkelling. Racha Islands gives you the chance to do some fishing, snorkelling on lovely beaches. While the local islands of Phuket give you a quick and easy access to snorkelling and beaches.

So choose your yacht and contact us now to start your adventure!


Luxury Yacht
Luxury Yacht Rental in Phuket

What Charter Yacht is best for us in Phuket

You are coming to Phuket and want to experience everything there is to see and do. A Private Yacht Charter is a must-do for you and the family then!

It allows you to escape the hotel, experience gorgeous beaches and snorkel in clear blue waters. Another option for you and the group is to explore the hidden caves and lagoons and enjoy the natural wildlife here in Phuket and its amazing islands. The choice is yours and we are here to help.

If you are not sure what to choose or where to start, I did write a blog article on the first things to consider when looking at renting a boat. Of course, you can always get in touch with us via Whats App or Messenger or just give us a call and we would be happy to help!

So choose your yacht and begin your adventure by contacting us and chatting about what you need, we will be happy to help!


Luxury Yacht Rentals for Sunset Cruises
Sunset Yacht Rental and Cruises

What type of Boat Rental should we do when in Phuket?

Epic Charters has a lot of experience and we have been doing exclusive and private yacht rentals for families and corporate groups for over 14 years. So even if you don't know the answer to all of these points, get in touch with us and or contact us on Facebook and we will be happy to help!

Point 1 - Your Budget is important, only you know how much you are willing to spend, no need to keep it a secret from us as we will find you the right yacht - not the most expensive! Use our Yacht Search to narrow down the available yachts that meet your needs.

Point 2 - How much time do you have? We can do a variety of trips on a selection of yachts, from Sunset Charters (3hrs), Half Day (4-5 Hrs), Day Charters (7 Hrs) to Overnight Charters lasting up to a week. Have a think and consider breaking up the holiday with an Overnight Charter in the middle, we can pick you up from your hotel and deliver you back there!

Point 3 - How big is your family or group? Not all boats will be able to cater to large groups, some are designed for smaller parties and some specifically for large groups. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from renting a large yacht to get that really exclusive feel, or taking something a little special for the family.