Phi Phi Don The larger of the two islands is visited for its incredibly picturesque panoramas and idyllic tropical beaches lining its southern and eastern shores. The soaring limestone mountains embrace the narrow crescent bays, offering the scenically beautiful panorama.

Phi Phi Ley Is an uninhabited island whose natural beauty is still unspoiled. The island is mostly composed of towering limestone cliffs that spring up at right angles with the blue water surface.The water is brightly turquoise with the abundant coral reefs and species of fish.

Laem Tong Beach Fairly quiet and remote, due to it’s location along the northern edge of the island, it is a rather remote location. With a gentle northern breeze flowing onto the beach from the ocean it is a great spot for cooling down in the hot summer, while the location offers protection from the violent summer winds from the west.

Loh Ba Gao Bay Phi Phi Island’s most secret and secluded paradise, as an extremely remote and isolated location, in one simple statement, Loh Ba Gao is a coconut paradise surrounded by white sandy beaches and mountain cliffs. Here you can view breathtaking sunsets. See and visit Camel Rock, where you can take in the amazing view, or snorkel in the clear blue waters.

Phi Phi Island, arial view of Maya Bay
Phi Phi Island Beach
Long tails at Loh Sama Bay

Phak Nam Bay - Located on the untouched east side of the island, this amazing snorkeling point is located on Pak Nam Beach between Ran Tee Bay and Loh Bao Gao Bay. It is very peaceful place and is blessed with beautiful coral reef - ideal for diving and swimming.

Loh Dalam Beach - A popular destination with young people enjoying their visit to Phi Phi Island. The beach offers shaded sun beds and umbrellas and an outdoor restaurant has opened a few feet from the beach.

Maya Bay - Made famous for the Hollywood film "The Beach", the bay is great for snorkeling, with lots of coral gardens and colourful fish. Although it does get very busy with the speedboat trips.

Loh Samah Bay - Located on the southern tip of Phi Phi Le, offering a remarkably breathtaking panorama, its clear waters and its flourishing coral beds are good for skin diving and snorkeling.
Viking Cave A place much revered by the local people who come here to collect the swift's nests used to make Bird's Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy. On the eastern and southern walls of the cave are colored drawings dating from historic times. There are pictures of elephants and also of various boats: European, Arab, and Chinese sailing ships; barges, motorboats, and steamships. Just around the corner is Monkey Beach where you can disembark and visit the local wildlife and feed the monkeys who come down to greet the tourists.

Long Tail Boat in Maya Bay
Viking's Cave in the Limestone Cliffs

Ton Sai Bay - Through the surrounding cliffs to the golden sands of Long Beach, Ton Sai Bay creates an awe inspiring spectacle. Ton Sai Bay stretches along a 2 kilometre wall of cliffs around to the main village which is on a 2 kilometre wide beach. With the sea dropping like a stone from the edge of the cliffs it is a natural deep water harbor. It is so deep that one of the more wild tours on Phi Phi Island is cliff jumping. One of our favorite Kayak trips is under the cliffs of Ton Sai at the end of the day, watching the Brahmin Raptors soaring over the bay in the early evening and paddling over the coral reef to hear the sounds of the jungle coming to life at sunset.

Ao Pileh - The dramatic Sea Lake Ao Pileh, has been eroded over millions of years and very nearly enclosed by the limestone walls of the island’s cliffs. The crystal clear waters are perfect and it is an amazing place for snorkeling and swimming – make sure you take the camera!

Koh Pida Nok - or "Outer Father" This small limestone cliff islet is Phi Phi Islands' best dive site due to its great diversity of marine life and is often visited on Thailand liveaboard cruises. The cliffs descend straight into the sea and are covered with soft corals and anemones of purple, green, blue and pink.

Koh Pida Nai - A small island visited mainly by divers for its underwater scenery. Ko Pida Nok is very good for both beginner and advanced divers, with both shallow and deep dive sites.

Laem Hin - This destination has the stunning scenic beauties and white sand to make a perfect beach vacation. Laem Hin beach has possibly the softest and finest white sand, on an island of fine soft sand. Laem Hin also offers excellent snorkeling. The perfect back drop and location will make your holiday truly special. The pristine beauty of the Laem Hin resembles a post card picture destination.

Yao Beach or Long Beach - One of the most famous locations on the island, not only does it offer a broad, sweeping beach and unbelievable scenery, but it is also home to some of the best coral reefs in the area. Snorkeling and scuba diving top the long list of things to do here. The only complaint might be a little too much development. Hat Yao can be reached on foot or by longtail boat from the pier at Ton Sai.

Koh Phai or Bamboo Island - One of the many tourist destinations on Phi Phi Island. While all the islands and attractions around the area have something special to offer, Bamboo Island has something that is extra special to share with tourists. The area is uninhabited, and therefore has the most pristine, unspoiled beaches known to man.

Koh Yung or Mosquito Island - This island has 2 small beaches and some well preserved offshore coral gardens. Good for snorkeling. The island gets its name from the black clouds of mosquitoes at sunset during certain times of the year.