Lanta Yai Island The District and National Park offices are located here. This island is mountainous and rugged, especially near the southern tip. Some beaches are gravelly, and others have fine white sands.

Kon Yao Yai Clans of Chao Ley, or sea gypsies are resident on this island and they preserve many of their ancient customer and ceremonies - e.g. the setting of ceremonial boats adrift to bring good luck and prosperity on the full moon nights of the sixth and eleventh months. This and other features of their lives are open to view.

Taleng Beng Island This island is in some ways a smaller version of Phi Phi Ley: Made of limestone, honeycombed with caves and inhabited by the same swifts whose nests are made into soup. Small beaches and caves appear when the tide ebbs.

Hah Islands A group of five islands; Hah Yai Island has a field of grass on its ridgeline. Another island resembles a sailboat in shape; one has water that passes from one side to another beneath it. There is some coral in shallow waters.

Koh Lanta - Pristine Beaches
Koh Lanta - Diving & Snorkelling
Koh Lanta - Beautiful, Clear Waters

Ngai Island A fine sandy beach with amazing colourful coral reefs that run down the east side of this island. It is perfect for diving.

Rok Nai Island The Southeast and Southern ends of this island have fine sand beaches and shallow water corals. Also not to be missed are Man Sai Bay and Talu Beach.

There are many many more islands and special areas that we have not listed on our website which are ideal for extended charter to explore the area.



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