epic-charter-phuket-dividerListed below you will find introductions to each of the main Island sailing destinations available as Epic Charter Destinations from Phuket. All have their own unique attractions from the closest to port. Explore Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, the Racha Islands, from local island hopping to the Similan Islands, north of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.
Phi Phi is One of our more popular sailing and motor boat charter destinations.

The name is derived from Malay, and the original was Pulao Piah Pi, referring to the mangrove wood found there. There are six Islands in this archipelago: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Biddah Nok, Biddah Nai, Koh Yung, and Koh Pai with a total area of 42 square kilometers. They were incorporated into the National Park in 1983 and visitors make a small payment to the Park Rangers to maintain and manage the park areas.

Made famous with the movie "The Beach" Phi Phi is a great place for both sightseeing as well as offering great beaches and reefs for snorkeling and diving. It can get quite busy in the High Season with many Dive boats and Speedboat Tours but there are plenty of places to get away from the crowds.

Most visitors are intent on viewing Phang Nga Bay's bizarre yet breathtaking landscape of limnestone islands and outcrops jutting out of the water.

With over 120 singularly strange looking islands, as well as the circular Hongs to explore. This area offers a one of a kind trip and a yacht or motor boat charter is the ideal way to enjoy sightseeing and adventure with your family and friends. Our cruise starts to the south of Phang Nga Bay stopping at one of the regions best snorkeling spots - Kai Island - where the fish can be fed by hand in the shallow tropical waters and follows the shore line around to the East and South towards Krabi.

Come and enjoy the tropical splendor and crystal clear waters of Racha Noi and Racha Yai.

You and your guests will enjoy great snorkeling in secluded bays, swimming, snorkelling or diving on some of Thailand’s best reefs and consider the option of stopping at a private beach for exploring or dining at one of Thailand’s premier resorts “The Racha”.

Phuket is Thailand's largest island.

It is 48 km in length, 21 km at its widest, and is in Southern Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province. As Thailand’s most popular tourist destination it offers a variety of great beaches, nightlife and other entertainment.

With many beaches on the west coast such as Kata, Kata Noi, Karon and Patong but to name a few as well as the numerous surrounding islands Phuket has plenty to offer you on a sailing yacht or motor boat charter.

An exquisite coastline, idyllic islands and tropical jungle are just a few of the natural splendors of this Southern Thai province.

Cruise around the Andaman Sea by motor catamaran, speedboat, yacht or motor cruiser and discover the region's white sand beaches, soaring cliffs and colourful marine life.

Whether you choose to snorkel, dive, or canoe in balmy waters teeming with tropical fish and other sea creatures of exotic beauty, Krabi's sea and landscapes are sure to dazzle you, while it’s unhurried pace will restore your soul and you'll discover why more and more people are calling this the best place on Earth.

The Similans are a group of 9 small islands 50 kilometres off the west coast of Phang Nga in the Andaman Sea.

The National Park covers an area of 80,000 Rai. Skin Diver Magazine rated them among the ten loveliest places on Earth, because of the great natural beauty found on the islands themselves and also because of the extensive surrounding coral gardens beneath the waves.

Similan is corrupted from the Malay Sembilan and means nine.  From north to south in order the islands are: Koh Bon, Koh Ba Ngu, Koh Similan, Koh Pahyoo, Koh Miang (two islands), Koh Pahyan, Koh Payahng and Koh Hu Yong.

Fantastic for snorkeling and diving as well as just taking a Boat Charter on either a sailing yacht or motor boats and enjoying the amazing natural beauty.

Koh Lanta Islands National Park covers 152 square kilometers of Lanta Islands.

These islands form the most southern district of Krabi Province. One of the more distant and untouched areas in the Phuket and Andaman Seas it offers unrivaled beauty and amazing scenery and is a great destination for the more adventurous on longer sailing or cruising trips with charter yachts or motor boats.


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