Half Day Yacht Rentals and Charters explained

Half Day yacht rentals with Epic Charters Phuket

Where can I go on a Half Day Yacht Rental or Motor Boat Charter

If you have already read my Sunset Charter guideline then this will be very similar.   Half-Day Charters are about 4 - 5 hours long and normally start about 2 or 3pm and end with a Sunset with the yacht back in the Marina or at the pier for your to disembark before its dark.   We try to be as flexible as possible for you and can do early morning starts as well as mid-morning to mid-afternoon rentals.   To get a full idea of all options and a quote then Contact Us on WhatsApp or on Messenger we will be happy to help.

“Half Day Trips, are they better than Sunsets and what can I do, where can I go?” 

"Half Day Charters or Trips, the reasons why you would do this over a Sunset Cruise " 

On a Half Day Charter or boat rental you are renting a boat to go island hopping from Phuket for about 4 - 5 Hrs with the benefit of also getting to enjoy the Sunset on the water. This gives you the chance to explore and have more time at several islands and then enjoy the experience of watching the sun go down before heading back to the marina. If you have small children who get tired easily its a great option to get them out and having fun, without being too tiring!

The Half Day Yacht Charters will tend to go to similar places as the Sunset Charters as you don't have the full day to get to further destinations, but they do give you more time on the beach for swimming, snorkeling and exploring. You will normally get light snacks, fresh fruit and a selection of soft drinks included. Some yachts will also include limited alcohol or a light lunch in the price of the charter.

Again, as with the Sunset Charters it will depend on where the yachts leave from but in general it would be:

Ao Po/ Royal Phuket Marina or Boat Lagoon are situated on the east coast of Phuket giving easy access to Phang Nga Bay to explore the caves and see the famous limestone cliffs, or take a short cruise down to Koh Khai and Maithon Islands if you would prefer some beach time and snorkelling.

Chalong based yachts have a lot more choice as the main Island Destinations are to the South of Phuket. The local islands offer a wide range of choices and include Koh Maithon where you have a chance to see a pod of wild dolphins playing in front of your yacht. Coral Island while it can be busy has several nice bays and beaches, with plenty of activities available from the local vendors like Parasailing, banana boat rides and of course you also have the Racha Islands which are only about an hour away which offer excellent snorkeling, fishing and diving as well as some lovely sandy beaches.

Depending on the yacht you choose, you should be able to have a few hours enjoying the beach and also a Sunset on the way home.

Again on a Half Day Cruise, Phi Phi is generally not offered as a destination due to the distance to get there and the time it takes to get back.

Half Day Island Hopping Charter
Half Day Yacht Rentals in Phuket by Epic Charters
Birds eye view of Racha Islands
Gorgeous deserted beach on Racha Noi in Phuket

Where to go on your Half Day Yacht Charter

Some things to consider first when choosing the type of Boat Charter are:

  • Are you an early riser - do you want to start the boat trip at 5am and see the sunrise and come back for lunch or do you prefer to have a lie-in and a lazy start to the day?
  • What will you want to do after the trip, will you be going back to the hotel or catching a flight as we can plan to get you back by a specific time!
  • Are you going to eat before you go on the day trip or after - typically the Half Day Charters will only include a light snack and fruit in the rental cost.
  • What do you want to do - this is more important than you realize. To visit further destinations, you will need to do a Day Charter if you want to spend more time on the beach and less time travelling. It may be advisable to do a longer boat trip t be able to get the most from your experience.

With a choice of either an early morning start (between 6 and 9am ) and returning about midday, or departing mid-afternoon and enjoying a Sunset getting back in generally about 7pm - the choice is yours. All of our trips are based on what you would like to do and we will try to be as flexible as possible.

Whatever you decide to do, you will have longer to spend swimming, sunbathing, exploring the islands and enjoying cruising on the ocean. Remember to have an earlier night the day before as all this fun takes a lot of energy. Whatever you decide we can help you arrange it around the other activities you have planned during your stay here in Phuket!

Phang Nga Bay lagoon
Exploring one of Phang Nga Bays famous lagoons from the beach
Relaxing on board
Sit with friends on board the yacht and relax, enjoy the sun and great company
Cruise the waters and islands of Phuket
A motor catamaran will get you around the islands quicker, so you can explore them and have fun on the wonderful beaches of Phuket

“During the yacht rental for a Half Day, how many islands can we go to?”

It will depend on the boat you are renting for the Half Day Cruise and also where it leaves from. Here are a few ideas for you:
  • Local Phuket Islands leaving from Chalong - There are three distinct options for you if the boats are leaving from Chalong:
    • Racha Island - provides great white sands beaches and some brilliant snorkelling with a lovely Sunset view on the way back.
    • Coral and Maithon Islands - two great options with nice beaches and some lovely sightseeing. Dolphins are the main attraction here.
    • Phukets Southern Islands - leaving from Chalong you can actually enjoy island hopping around 4 lovely islands, enjoying their beaches, snorkeling and swimming. Ending at Nai Harn for the Sunset is a great option
  • Leaving from the Eastern Marinas - We can give you a few options depending on if you want sightseeing or snorkeling.
    • North into Phang Nga Bay and enjoy the lovely casts and limestone cliffs, explore the hidden lagoons and a very pretty sand bar island
    • South to Maithon and Khai Islands for snorkeling and beach time
  • Can you go to Phi Phi? - Unfortunately not on a Half Day Cruise or Trip. Its about the same distance as England to France so takes a while to get there and back!
  • What about The Similan Islands? - Again it is yacht based as not all yachts offer this destination and definitely not on a Half Day Charter, the Similans are about 5 hours by a fast cruising yacht from Phuket one way. Its really a destination we only offer on a Three Day Charter to get the most from it.
  • Is Krabi an option when on a Half Day? - This is possible but again it is based on the yacht. In reality because of the distance involved you need either a speedboat or a very fast cruising yacht. We recommend that you choose this destination on a Full Dy Charter or on one of our Overnight or Extended yacht rentals. Again let us know and we can discuss it in more detail with you.

Why Half Day Yacht rentals in Phuket are great

Being out on the water, with your friends and families enjoying a Private Yacht is an amazing experience and one you are unlikely to forget. So taking more time on board and exploring the islands is a perfect way to get more out of your vacation.

A Half Day Boat Rental gives you the chance to be able to do more than a Sunset Charter and is still affordable. there are a wider range of yachts that offer this service and you really get to see and experience some of the best views available. When you also include the variety in places to go swimming and snorkelling or exploring the islands and the enjoyment of eating on board while cruising. Is there anything else you could ask for?

So if you are considering a Half Day Yacht Charter, we will be happy to help you explore all the options available to you, just contact us now via Whats App or Messenger to start your adventure!