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Making the most of your Boat Charter request....

I did a post last year which has had a lot of view and positive comments. It was about the Pros & cons of Sailing vs. Motor boat charters in Phuket

Its been a while since I have done a Post about booking a charter, so here are a few pointers on what to include when you make your first Charter Booking request. Whether you are talking directly to us at Epic Charters who are actually the Boat Owners and also the Managing Agent of many of the Sailing and Motor Yachts we offer, or if you are talking to another Boat Charter Agent in Phuket, there is a certain amount of basic but useful information you can supply when you are looking to get information and choices for your Boat Charter here in Phuket - not only does it make it easier for us at Epic Charters but it gives you a better chance of receiving the best option to suit your needs.

Epic Charters get a lot of telephone and email requests for Yacht Charters in Phuket which is fantastic, as it means you are all interested in spending time on a boat and want us to help you find the perfect charter! Of course, we are always happy to help and want you to enjoy your experience and time on the boat as much as you can. To help us do this, the more we know about you and what you want to do from your initial contact, the better we can find the right Motor or Sailing Yacht to suit your needs and requirements and find the perfect charter boat for you!

So the main type of request I get goes something along the lines of these examples:

"I am coming to Phuket and would like to go on a boat" or "We are in Phuket and looking to do a trip on a boat for me and the family" and sometimes "Can you send me information on your boat trips"

Girls on the beach during a Boat Charter sightseeing around the islands of Phuket
Fun in the sun, beaches in Phuket
40ft Luxury Speedboat
40ft Luxury Power Boat
"So what should we include in our request?" I hear you ask...

All of the aforementioned are fine and of course I will be happy to help you. I am sure that over several email or phone conversations we can get all the information we need for me to give you the ideal boat - but if you can try to include the following on your initial inquiry, it really helps us quickly ensure the best boat selections for you!:

  • Your ideal Date for the Sailing Yacht or Motor boat charter - Have a specific date in mind, but also try to have a range of dates if you can. This helps when checking on availability for the boat and also in case of bad weather so we can reschedule it for you.
  • Your ideal budget for the Day Charter or Overnight - this is one of the main factors in finding the right boat to suit your requirements
  • How many people are in the group - again the size of your group will affect the boats suitable to you. Most boats are based on a certain number of people, with an additional charge to the maximum of passengers.
  • Cabin requirements for Overnight Charters - The sleeping arrangements are important -ie 4 Adults & 2 Children = 1 couple and two single travelers, plus two children under 12 yrs would mean a requirement for 2 Double Cabins and either a twin or two single cabins so four in total. Again this would alter the selection of charter boats available to you.
  • Destinations and Activities - We don't expect you to know this area, after all that's why you are contacting us! Try to have an idea of what and where you would like to do and visit. Not all of the boats can go to all of the destinations.


"It's what we are here for so don't worry too much"

While we chat on email or over the phone, you will probably talk to Epic Charters about what you want to do on your boat charter and from this information we can understand what you want to do, this helps us to ensure you get the ideal boat for your charter here in Phuket. Having this information ready when you talk to us initially really speeds up the process and allows us to exactly match the right charter boat to suit your needs.

A lot of the time you are not sure whats available, after all we live here and you are on holiday.... that is why you are contacting us to help you get the best for your money and have the most enjoyable and memorable trip possible - After all that's what we do and its never a problem!

We are always happy to help you, we have the experience and understanding of Sailing and Motor Boat charters and also the best local knowledge of Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay and Krabi. We are sure that we have the best boats to suit all your needs and requirements; from Stag, Hen and Bucks Parties to Engagement and Marriage Proposals and honeymoons, birthdays, family charters, or if you just want to spend time on the Andaman Sea with family and friends. Whatever the occasion we have the boat for you. Just let us know what you want - and don't forget the helpful pointers that make sure we give you the right boat choices!

If you would like more information or advice on booking a Motor Boat or Sailing Yacht charter feel free to contact us here and we would love to chat.

Hopefully this helped you when you are thinking of a charter Sailing Yacht or Boat Charter here in Phuket and I hope to speak to you soon and take care, Simon

Cruising around Phang Nga Bay and Krabi on Overnight Sailing and Motor Charters
44ft Motor Yacht Wave Dancer

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