Luxury Power Boat Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip10Over nightNot Available
Dimensions (feet)Length44Max Width12
Speed in KnotsMax30Cruising16
Prices from (THB)Day Trip (9am - 6pm)12,000 THBOver night (24 hour)Not Available

Hakuna Matata Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip20Over night6
Dimensions (feet)Length52Max Width21
Speed in KnotsMax12Cruising7
Prices from (THB)Day Trip (9am - 6pm)53,000Over night (24 hour)70,000

56ft Majesty Power Boat Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip12Over night6
Dimensions (feet)Length56Max Width (feet)12
Cabins 2 Double1 TwinToilets3
Speed in KnotsMax30Cruising18
Prices from (THB)Half Day Trip (9am - 1pm or 2pm -6pm)
98,000 THBDay Trip (9am until 5pm)140,000 THB

70ft Day Cruiser Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip50Over night12
Dimensions (feet)Length70Max Width (feet)19
CabinsDouble/ Twin2 Double, 2 TwinToilets3
Speed in KnotsMax15Cruising11
Prices from (THB)Half Day (5 Hours)49,000 THBOver night (24 hour)140,000 THB

70ft Luxury Power Yacht Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip40Over nightN/A
Dimensions (feet)Length70Max Width12
Speed in KnotsMax24Cruising16
Prices from (THB)Day Trip121,000Over nightN/A

43ft Power Catamaran Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip15Over night6
Dimensions (feet)Length43Max Width (feet)22
CabinsDouble/ Twin3 DoubleToilets3
Speed in KnotsMax25Cruising18
Prices from (THB)Day Trip (9am - 6pm)69,000 THBOver night (24 hour)112,000 THB

51ft Power Catamaran Overview

Max PassengersDay Trip20Over night6
Dimensions (feet)Length51Max Width (feet)26
CabinsDouble/ Twin3 Double, 1 Convertable DoubleToilets3
Speed in KnotsMax20Cruising14
Prices from (THB)Day Trip (9am - 6pm)83,000 THBOver night (24 hour)132,000 THB
We handpick all of the rental boats listed in our charter fleet before we offer them to you, we sail and cruise on them personally to make sure they offer great levels of service and best value for money and of course to make sure they are a lot of fun!
With a range of yacht and boat sizes, we are sure to be able to find a great choice, whatever your group size or budget.
All for a little extra per person than the standard Day Trip or Tour package, you can get that extra level of luxury and comfort.
Contact us now for more information or look at our fleet below for more details.

Relax and enjoy a Day Rental or Overnight Charter on a great motorboat or speed boat. Or enjoy chartering a sailing yacht to visit the amazing beaches and tropical island destinations around Phuket. Enjoy snorkelling, swimming, sightseeing and experience the natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay, the famous islands of Phi Phi or the stunning beaches of Krabi the Andaman Sea.